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Future of REIT in India and Its Impact on Residential Projects in Bangalore

Looking For Residential Project in Bangalore

Property investments are pivotal if we need to safeguard our interests for a profitable future. Bangalore, renowned as the Garden City and Silicon Valley of India has a lot to offer in terms of high-paying job opportunities and eco-friendliness. Residents are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time property aspirants. Godrej Aqua by the famed Godrej properties is a residential project located to perfection at Hosahalli in Bangalore. Located close to the Bangalore International Airport, the project is sure to witness rise in social infrastructure that contributes to overall credibility. Godrej Aqua Residential Apartments are curated by some of the most renowned architects and engineers that cater to diverse investment requirements.The project offers 2 and 4 BHK residential units that are spread across 7+ acres of land so residents can make the most of the space and resources provided. There are 540 units up for grabs which makes sure residents are presented with wide-range of alternatives to choose from.

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli

Investing in REIT- How can one benefit?

Now, let’s shift our attention to benefits of investing in the property market. As there are a number of aspects to be considered, property investments can get tricky at times as the market isn’t steady all the time. REIT or real estate investment trusts are separate bodies where one can invest as there are properties listed under a regularized body. Individuals or corporations can furthermore list their properties under such organizations so they can monitor the activity of the market and attract customers accordingly. The concept is somewhat similar to investing in mutual funds which can reap rewards or returns over a period of time. The advantage in associating or investing in REIT’s is that property aspirants would be able to monitor the growth in the real estate market when it comes to purchasing properties or renting out for formidable returns in the future. However, there are certain clauses that have to be strictly adhered to if one needs to register as a REIT affiliated corporation. Having a minimum of 100 shareholders, taxable as an independent corporation, invest to a maximum of 75% in the real estate market are some of the pre-requisites to quality as a REIT. Rest assured, residents who are willing to partner with Godrej Aqua are sure to sail through challenging scenarios with effortless ease and comfort.

Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua

Impact of REIT on the Bangalore property market

The impact of REIT on the Bangalore property market has been prominent and significant at the same time. Residents have now realized the importance of investing in the property market and are transitioning to become first-time property aspirants. It’s necessary that customers consider approaching professional real estate advisers because an in-depth knowledge about the property market is necessary. It’s always better to be safe and prepared than being sorry and regretting key investment decisions. Another advantage of investing in REIT’s is that one can monitor the growth based on prospective market conditions. Accumulating funds on a monthly basis is great. However, that would be to accomplish short-term goals. Rich and healthy dividends can be earned when residents watch their money grow overtime. REIT’s give that extra leverage as residents are presented with wide-range of alternatives when it comes to properties that suit their preference. Compared to investing in the stock market, REIT have proven to reap formidable long-term investments that perform great under changing property market conditions. 

Godrej Aqua- Making the most of the connectivity and proximity

Location, by far is the most important aspect of a residential project. Residents are more inclined towards residing in further-out locations from the city for a calm and secluded living experience after an exhausting day at work. In such situations if residents don’t enjoy connectivity to the rest of the city, the project credibility is adversely affected. Godrej Aqua residential apartments are located to perfection at Hosahalli which is engulfed by rising social infrastructures that contribute to land appreciation. Godrej Aqua Hosahalli has also made sure that they make the most of the renewable resources. By following a theme which involves sustainable water conservation and management systems along with 100% rainwater that is harvested, residents can enjoy uninterrupted supply of water straight from the tap. Considering all these factors, Godrej Aqua residential apartments are certain to cater to luxury, comfort and the overall well-being of prospective investors.   

2Bhk flats at Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore


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